If you are interested in shipping us a load of your converters you will need to complete the following steps:
– Understand CatsPlus is not responsible for shipping costs, our prices on material are door prices and therefore we will not cover the cost to get them to our door.
– Make sure you have a listing of the converters per box along with your name, address and how you want to receive payment.
– We can do wire transfers directly to your bank account if we have the correct routing number, checking number, and name on account.
– We can also do Checks in the mail, just make sure address is listed for where you want check to go.
– Once we receive your material, we will grade it and email you an invoice of all material.
– Once you have confirmed and there are no further questions, we will set-up payment same day.
-If you need help arranging shipping, please see below link to one of our trusted carrier sites.
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